Carolina Rolling Company


Carolina Rolling Company has been in the business of metal forming since 1978. Founded by Jerry Thornton who made a name for himself working with clients from a variety of industries including aerospace, energy, entertainment, and large scale infrastructure. His legacy lives on as the company remains both family owned and family focused. 

With over 40 years of experience we offer high quality rolling services and the expertise to get your project done. We strive to maintain reasonable pricing without sacrificing a job well done. We house a variety equipment that allow us to form a large variety of shapes and sizes. This includes thin sheet metal, heavy plate, curved stairway components, angles, round and square tubing, pipes, channels, flat bars, and press forming.  


Jerry L. Thornton was born in North Carolina in 1948 to a hog farmer and was the second youngest boy of 18 siblings. Hard work and long days set the tone for the way he lived his life.

Jerry enlisted into the Navy on March 13, 1969, and worked as a Navy Marine Mechanic on the USS DeHaven. He was released from active duty on March 11, 1971, and honorably discharged from the Navy on March 12, 1975.

He relocated to California to be with his brother. He went to work at his brother’s rolling shop at that time and realized there was a real passion for metal forming and rolling.

He met his wife Gloria and together they decided to open their own rolling shop. Carolina Rolling rolled its first job on May 23, 1979.

Jerry Thornton passed on November 28, 2013. He left behind his wife and four children. His only son Jason worked for the company throughout high school and college and quickly became the soul and pulse of Carolina Rolling.

The company continues to run with the same passion and experience Jerry lived by. His son has brought a new level of technology to the business through his Computer Science degree. He follows in his father’s footsteps and continues make every customer, large or small, important to the business.

American Made

Helping support local manufacturing.  

Family Owned

2nd Generation keep the knowledge and experience alive.

over 40 years in business

Age tested reliability.